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Metoshi GameFI

Game studio for launching blockchain games based on the latest trends & tech

Metoshi Comics

Cool comics about Red Pandas! Each one is an NFT! Collect them all!

METO finance

Cool services of the Metoshi Entertainment Platform.


A unique combination of Decentralized and Centralized Marketplace on one platform

Utility token METO advantages and benefits

The METO token has successfully passed the listing on PCS
The METO token is the only payment system of the Metoshi platform
In May, you'll be able to buy in-game METOLAND NFTs initially for METO token (just a limited number), and then there will be a public sale for BNB.
Play METOLAND and earn token METO
The liquidity of the METO token is replenished with our other OSHI token
METO token Staking
0% Tax Fee
0.1% Slippage


Metoshi GameFi

The game development studio combines cutting-edge trends and competencies in the blockchain gaming industry.

Metoshi Game motto: "Build games together".

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Metoshi Comics

First NFT comics collection! Check the short story about the cute red panda Metoshi!

  • Amazing adventures of Metoshi the Red Panda
  • Comic is not possible to buy, only be farmed
  • Collect a collection of comics and get guaranteed allocation in all Metoshi game projects!
  • A lot of new heroes and much more


Total Supply:


12,2% PreSale & Liquidity
23% Marketing & Team
10,8% Adviser & Reserve
15,5% Farming & Staking
11,4% Treasury & GamePool
21,8% Development
5,4% Charity
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Tokenomics Governance OSHI Token

Governance OSHI Token make their holders true co-owners of the Project while entitling them to draw dividends.

Total Supply:

75 000 000 OSHI Token



15 000 000 OSHI Token



7 950 000 OSHI Token


Development & Advisers

14 250 000 OSHI Token



10 800 000 OSHI Token


Team & Partnership

12 750 000 OSHI Token


Staking Pool & Farming Pool

10 500 000 OSHI Token

Why should you buy Governance OSHI Token:

  • Always receive Dividends for owning Gov OSHI token
  • Receive the right to participate in voting on key decisions


Stake tokens, farm Governance, game, and collectible NFT Metoshi, earn with the Metoshi platform on GamePool


APR iThis pool’s rewards aren’t compounded
automatically, so we show APR


Stake METO activated
Stake METOEarn Game NFT’s

APR iThis pool’s rewards aren’t compounded
automatically, so we show APR


Stake METO Soon 1stQ22
Stake METOEarn Comics NFT’s

APR iThis pool’s rewards aren’t compounded
automatically, so we show APR

Stake METO Soon 1stQ22


Infam Platform

Metoshi Media

Metoshi Memes

The best memes about Metoshi.



This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Metoshi. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Q3 Start development 2021

-Designing Metoshi Comics and Metoshi GameFi Recruiting the best profs.

Q4 Start Metoshi Platform

-PreSale round of METO token.
-Release of a comics book about the Adventures of Metoshi the Red Panda.
-Listing METO on PancakeSwap.

Q1 Metoshi Adventure game 2022

-Staking METO.NFT Farming.
-Release of a 2-nd and 3-d comics book about the Adventures of METOSHI.

Q2 Staking 2.0 METO

-OSHI token listing
-METO token CEX listing
-NFT Farming.
-Release of a new comics book about the Adventures of Metoshi the Red Panda.
-Metoshi Marketplace Launch.
-Full launch Metoshi First game.

Q4 One of the biggest cryptoplatform

-Listing METO token on Binance.​
-​Release of the next comics book about the Adventures of Metoshi the Red Panda.


Who is Metoshi?

METOSHI is a universal entertainment platform combining comic book studio, Metoshi Exchange and Metoshi GameFI Studio. In addition, its own marketplace will be launched in the first quarter of 2022

What is Metoshi Platform?

METOSHI is a one-stop entertainment platform that combines a Comics Studio and Metoshi GameFI Studio.

What is a Governance OSHI Token?

It is a Governance Token. Furthermore, Governance OSHI Token grant the right to co-own the Metoshi Platform, earn dividends & vote, as well as other perks of the Ecosystem

How can I buy or sell Governance OSHI Token

At the first stage there was a IDO, a limited amount can be purchased with the METO token, and on the exchange after listing. You can sell Governance OSHI Token after listing.

What blockchain does Metoshi use?

Binance Smart Chain. It is a blockchain that enables scalable, secure, and instant transactions. For the first and second quarters of 2022, cross-chains with Ethereum and Polygon are envisaged

What are the utilities of METO token?

METO Token is a BEP-20 utility token of Metoshi Platform. METO is live on PancakeSwap, all Metoshi services will be supplied only for METO

What is Comics NFT for?

- After collecting NFT comics of a specific season, you will receive a guaranteed allocation in the cool games of the Metoshi platform.
- This will give you the status of a “сomic-holder”, which in turn will give you many additional privileges and opportunities, such as guaranteed allocations in all metoshi presales.