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Game Studio. METOLAND 1.0 Q4 2022

$METO - Utility Token

Utility BEP 20 token designed for use across the Methoshi Platform


Cool comics about Red Pandas! Each one is an NFT! Collect them all!


Cool services of the Metoshi Entertainment Platform.

$OSHI - Governance Token

Makes its holders true cowners of the Project while entitling them to draw dividends.

MetOVerse METOLAND 2.0

in Q2 2023, the MetOVerse of METOLAND 2.0 will be launched

Metoshi GameFi

The game development studio combines cutting-edge trends and competencies in the blockchain gaming industry.

Metoshi Game motto: "Build games together".

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Metoshi Comics

First NFT comics collection! Check the short story about the cute red panda Metoshi!

  • Check out a short story about the cute red panda Metoshi!
  • A Comic strip is not possible to buy, only be farmed
  • Collect a collection of comics and get guaranteed allocation in all Metoshi game projects!
  • A lot of new heroes and much more

$METO Tokenomics$METO Tokenomics

Total Supply:


12,2% PreSale & Liquidity
23% Marketing & Team
10,8% Adviser & Reserve
15,5% Farming & Staking
11,4% Treasury & GamePool
21,8% Development
5,4% Charity
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Governance OSHI Token

Governance OSHI Token make their holders true co-owners of the Project while entitling them to draw dividends.

Total Supply:

75 000 000 OSHI Token



15 000 000 OSHI Token



7 950 000 OSHI Token


Development & Advisers

14 250 000 OSHI Token



10 800 000 OSHI Token


Team & Partnership

12 750 000 OSHI Token


Staking Pool & Farming Pool

10 500 000 OSHI Token

Why should you buy Governance OSHI Token:

  • Always receive Dividends for owning Gov OSHI token
  • Get the right to participate in voting on key decisions


Infam Platform

Metoshi Media

Metoshi Memes

The best memes about Metoshi.



This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Metoshi (or, rather, Metoshi wants to take us). We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Q3 Start development 2021

-Designing Metoshi GameFi and Metoshi Comics

-Recruiting the best profs

Q4 Start Metoshi Platform

-PreSale round for METO token

-Release of a comic strip about the amazing adventures of Metoshi the Red Panda

-Listing $METO on PancakeSwap

Q1 Metoshi's 1st game2022

-Start designing METOLAND alpha

-Staking $METO

-Release of the 2nd comic strip about Metoshi the Red Panda

Q2 Staking 2.0 METO

-METOLAND alpha launch

-OSHI G-Token concept

-Staking 2.0

-Release of the next comic strip about Metoshi

Q3 2022 METOLAND beta

-Testing METOLAND beta

-Metoshi Marketplace concept

Q4 2022 Dual Tokenomics

-PreSale round for OSHI G-token

-$OSHI listing

-METOLAND 1.0 beta official release

-METO 2.0 Swap & Listing

-In-game character NFT mint (METOLAND 1.0 Genesis collection)

-NFT Panda Breeding

-First dividends to $OSHI holders (Genesis mint & Breeding)

-​Release of the next comic strip about Metoshi

-Collabs with leading crypto platforms

Q1 Full-scale Entertainment Platform 2023

-1st update of METOLAND 1.0 (new NFT characters, new buildings)

-Metoshi PFP collection

-2nd update of METOLAND 1.0 (new locations, new P2E modes in the game)

-$METO & $OSHI listing on CEXes

-Dividends to $OSHI holders from the 2nd release of Gaming NFTs & PFP mint

-Concept of the 2nd Metoshi game

-Start developing MetOverse

-wNFT Constructor concept

Q2 MetOverse

-MetOverse alpha testing (METOLAND 2.0)


-METOLAND 2.0 NFT mint

-MetOverse land mint

-Dividends to $OSHI holders (METOLAND 2.0 NFTs & MetOverse land lots)

-Metoshi Marketplace alpha

-GameFi anti-launchpad concept


-MetOverse alpha launch

-Breeding 2.0

-NFT Farming

-2nd game pre-alpha

-wNFT constructor pre-alpha

-Metoshi Marketplace beta


What is Metoshi?

Metoshi is a one-stop platform that brings together Metoshi’s GameFi Studio, a Comic Studio and Metoshi Finance: a kit of DeFi tools for the Red Panda community. Also, Metoshi is the name of the project’s protagonist and lucky charm.

What are the core goal and features of the project?

The core goal of the project is to create a large gaming community led by Metoshi the Red Panda. The Platform’s functionalities will include a number of P2E games all embedded & intertwined in ‘MetOverse’, along with a toolkit for DeFi and NFTs: staking/farming, a constructor for NFT collections, a marketplace, and a DEX.

Do you plan to expand the project beyond the GameFi sector?

Yes, we plan to evolve in the NFT sector as a whole by implementing the wNFT technology with various economic mechanisms.

Why do I need the $METO token and on which platform is it deployed? What is the total supply?

$METO is the utility token of the Metoshi Platform that sits on BSC. It is the in-game currency of all games on the platform. You can also use this token in farming and staking as well as for buying gaming NFTs and collectibles. Total capped supply of $METO: 1,134,903,170 tokens.

Describe the tokenomics of the Metoshi project!

The Metoshi Project offers a dual tokenomics: $METO – our utility token $OSHI – our Governance token

Where can I buy or sell $METO at the moment?

Right now you can buy/sell/swap $METO on PancakeSwap exchange.

Where can I invest my $METO?

-Use $METO across all games on the METOSHI Platform to buy in-game resources.

-$METO is available for staking & NFT farming.

-Hodl! We are a long-term project.

-You’d also need $METO to purchase in-game (essential to do well in METOLAND), Comic and Collectible NFTs, and G-token $OSHI.


METOLAND is a cool game, actually a p2e + f2p urban planning simulator, where players can earn $METO tokens by building & improving red panda settlements.

What is $OSHI and what functions does this token have?

$OSHI is Metoshi’s G-token. The Governance $OSHI token signifies co-ownership of the Metoshi Platform; it entitles its holders to earn dividends & vote on core economic proposals, while granting access to various perks in the ecosystem.

Where will dividends come from for $OSHI holders?

In order to pay dividends, on a regular basis, to $OSHI holders, a special fund will be set up where we’ll direct a portion of proceeds from all NFT sales, including in-game, MetOverse, comics, collectible NFTs and others – as we move further down the Roadmap.

Where can I buy or sell $OSHI?

We will open a White List shortly. Stay tuned!

What is the total supply of the $OSHI token?

75,000,000 tokens hard cap, no further mint possible.

How can I contact the founders of the project to partner up?

For all ideas and partnership proposals, please DM @tng770 or @gulmiron

What is special about Metoshi’s comics?

Metoshi Comics are an animated series in several languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. It includes a large number of episodes in various locations of the world. The series is due to be tokenized in the near future.